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More About Little Otters Swim Academy

Our Mission: To give kids extra protection in the water by instilling self-rescue skills and confidence in the water. Our graduates become their own life jackets and are prepared for most accidents involving bodies of water. 

Our Goals: Nothing can 100% guarantee to protect against drowning. Our program aspires to give children the best possible chance of survival by teaching them to float. Floating allows the child to breathe and gives them much more time to be rescued. Toddlers are taught to find handholds and to exit pools safely and older children are taught to swim-float-swim, allowing them to reach pool exits or a rescuer much faster. 

Our Curriculum: We only do lessons 1-on-1 for the highest safety. Group sessions divide the teacher's attention and create opportunities for accidents or tragedies. Our curriculum was created by the owner through research and hands-on development to ensure all students leave with appropriate skills and are not traumatized. Lessons are short and frequent because repetition is key for early childhood learning and these skills are hard work! Our lessons use verbal and non-verbal cues so it is effective for children 6 months+ and children who have developmental delays, certain medical conditions, or are non-verbal.

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